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12 Steps of Self-Leadership

Self-leadership is about realizing the power and potential that is in you and everyone you meet. The world needs you now—in your imperfection and in the midst of your formative processes. You do make a difference. The important question is, “What kind of difference do you make?”

Available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats, you can by a copy of our book 12 Steps of Self-Leadership: The Difference Maker’s Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose  through your preferred online book store (links below), or through our publisher, FriesenPress.


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What one of our readers said about ’12 Steps’…

“The 12 Steps of Self-Leadership has all the elements that can help any motivated individual become a real Difference Maker in every aspect of life. The authors clearly map out the 12 steps necessary for doing the inner work that leads to genuine transformation. They incorporate the spiritual element without resorting to religion or dogma. There’s a gentle encouragement in the writing that invites you to go deeper than you’ve probably gone before in exploring and identifying what’s held you back in the past. The book appeals to different styles of readers by providing a succinct overview at the beginning of each chapter, with excellent questions and “stepping stones’ (next actions) included at the end. In between is a wealth of information, stories and quotes to guide you about the particualrs of each step. This is a comprehensive work that you don’t read once and put on the shelf. It’s a manual that you refer to often as you learn to step into your own greatness and live a life filled with purpose.”  

Meredith Bell, President, Performance Support Systems, Inc.,
Hayes, VA USA)

BTW…we’re working on some new materials, including an e-book. We’re also planning to give you the ability to download FREE digital versions of our Stepping Stones Worksheets for Steps #1-3.